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Providing & Protecting Wisconsin’s Groundwater
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The Wisconsin Water Well Association (WWWA), a trade association of well drillers, pump installers, manufactures and suppliers, was established over 60 years ago. WWWA represents over 1,300 licensed well drillers & pump installers. Our mission is simple: to provide and protect Wisconsin’s most precious resource, groundwater.

Our purpose:

  • Increase the industry’s knowledge and understanding of proper drilling, pump installation, and well abandonment techniques
  • Work with the appropriate state agencies in the protection of Wisconsin’s groundwater
  • Increase the public’s awareness of the importance of and involvement in groundwater efforts.

Our Mission:

  • To assist, promote, encourage, and support the interest and welfare of the water well industry in Wisconsin and elsewhere;
  • To foster and promote scientific education and research as well as techniques and standards whose purposes are to improve methods of water well construction and development;
  • To promote harmony and cooperation among members, government agencies, and the general public in the proper development and protection of underground water supplies;
  • To provide ways and means whereby members and others interested in the water well industry may interchange information, ideas, and experiences, and to obtain expert advice;
  • To advance the mutual interests of those engaged in the water well industry in their own and the public interest.
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